• Data

    Collected from equipment, sensors, and recording Apps
  • Profile

    A performance model based on your personal data
  • Game Play

    A visual/virtual gameplay strategies from intelligent data analytics just for you

Play Sports Game with Strategies

Sports is as much of a physical game as it is a mind game. One of the big differentiators between the good players and the top players is their ability to strategize and adapt to the changing circumstances during a game. Even for casual players, developing strategic skills can make the game much more exciting!

Leverage Cutting Edge Technologies

With modern technologies such as mobile devices, wearable sensors, big data, and VR, practices and training can be extended beyond the golf course.
Our innovative Golf Digital Playbook aims to provide players a virtual simulation of gameplay that can help them visualize in-game strategy by integrating data collected during practice with mobile GPS and mapping tools.

A Playbook Just for You

Amateur golfers dedicate most of their practice time to improving physical strength and skills. While this is an important element to practice, golf is also a game of strategy. The shape of the fairway, the position of the bunkers, the distance from the flag, the weather, and the landscape are all factors that should be considered when making decisions about how to play. Even more importantly, players should have a deep understanding of their current skills and abilities, so that they can adapt their play style to meet the external challenges and conditions.
This is where the Digital Playbook comes in. 

Profile Your Skills

The Digital Playbook keeps track of your play style via “profiles”. These profiles store data on the distance and accuracy of your swings for each club and can be easily created using your handicap index or, for advanced players, imported from your swing data using professional golf practice machines.
In game, your profile is visually presented on top of the golf course so that you can compare different gameplay strategies and make smarter decisions based on your own historic game stats. 
Players of all levels, from professional to amateur, can utilize the Digital Playbook to play better and smarter. 

  • For Golfers

    Golfers can use the data from the profile to help them play smarter on the golf course.
  • For Tournaments

    Professional golfers can develop smarter game plans and evaluate different gameplay possibilities based on their risk appetite
  • For Golf Coaches

    Golf coaches can use the tool to illustrate their strategies and help students develop their own strategic skills in game.
  • For Equipment Evaluation

    Make smarter purchases by evaluating the different brands of golf equipment against your personal playing style and skills

Upload Profile Data

Here you can upload your training data into your profile to automatically set your club performance information. To do so, find a practice facility (currently only Trackman is supported) near you and play a number of shots (suggested 30 at minimum) with different clubs. Download the data file in csv format and upload the file here. After uploading the file, you can use the Digital Playbook app to set your profile using the data you uploaded.

To use this feature, log in with the account you created from your Digital Playbook app. If you don’t have an account yet, download the app from the iTunes app store and create an account from there.